Aaron Schock

Rep. Aaron Schock

district: Illinois's 18th Congressional District
in office since: 2009
age: 31
Romney % of Vote in District: 61%
lifetime rating: 61%
on Club for Growth scorecard
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Aaron Schock likes to portray himself as a defender of economic freedom, but his record is not consistent with that portrayal. His website claims that he’s focused on “fighting the massive expansion of government spending and debt.” However, one of the first votes Schock took in the House was against cutting all of the spending projects from Obama’s failed $800 billion stimulus bill, joining only 43 Republicans. He voted for the August 2011 debt limit deal that gave Obama a $2.1 trillion increase in the national debt, and he’s been a consistent supporter of keeping Davis-Bacon wage requirements for federal projects, nothing but an anti-free market giveaway to big labor.


  • Voted to increase the debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion. (RCV #690, 2011)
  • Voted for a budget extension that funded ObamaCare (RCV #579, 2012)
  • Voted to keep all of the spending in Obama’s stimulus (RCV #42, 2009)
  • Voted for the “fiscal cliff” deal that raised tax rates and delayed automatic spending cuts (RCV #659, 2012)
  • Repeated votes against the budget proposed by House conservatives. (RCV #189, 2009; RCV #275, 2011; RCV #149, 2012)
  • One of only 13 Republicans to vote against blocking funding for a National Labor Relations Board lawsuit that would have infringed on a worker’s right to a secret ballot in union elections. (RCV #229, 2012)
  • One of only 41 Republicans to vote against cutting $1.2 million from the Botanic Gardens. (RCV #371, 2012)
  • Repeated votes for Davis-Bacon wages on government projects, which are nothing but giveaways to Big Labor. (RCV #122, 2009; #414, 2011; #395, 2011; #144, 2011; #585, 2011)
  • Voted against numerous spending cuts that would have reduced the size of government (Link)
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