Rep. Greg Walden

district: Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District
in office since: 1999
age: 56
Romney % of Vote in District: 57%
lifetime rating: 62%
on Club for Growth scorecard
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While most Republicans claim to be in favor of entitlement reform, Greg Walden criticized President Obama’s extremely modest proposal to slow the growth of Social Security benefits as a “shocking attack on seniors.” Walden also has a long record of supporting increases in government spending and opposing fiscally conservative proposals. He supported the Wall Street bailout, was one of just 33 Republicans who supported subsidies for Viagra, and was one of 43 Republicans who opposed cutting the spending from Obama’s stimulus.


Check the record:

  • Voted for the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street (RCV #681, 2008)
  • Voted to increase the debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion. (RCV #690, 2011)
  • Voted to keep all of the spending in Obama’s stimulus (RCV #42, 2009)
  • Voted for the “fiscal cliff” deal that raised tax rates and delayed automatic spending cuts (RCV #659, 2012)
  • Voted against ending Viagra subsidies (RCV #312, 2005)
  • Voted for the Obama “Cash for Clunkers” program (RCV #682, 2009)
  • Voted for a budget extension that funded ObamaCare (RCV #579, 2012)
  • Voted against multiple budgets offered by House conservatives (RCV #73, 2000; RCV #68, 2001; RCV #79, 2003; RCV #90, 2004; RCV #156, 2006; RCV #211, 2007; RCV #140, 2008; RCV #189, 2009; RCV #275, 2011; RCV #149, 2012; RCV #86, 2013)
  • Voted to fund dozens of pork projects like the Bronx Council for the Arts (RCV #335, 2006), Grape genetics research (RCV #810, 2007), Lobster Institute in Maine (RCV #735, 2007), and an Aquarium in South Carolina (RCV #669, 2007)
  • Voted against numerous spending cuts that would have reduced the size of government (Link)
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