Rep. Steve Palazzo

Rep. Steve Palazzo

district: Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District
in office since: 2011
age: 42
Romney % of Vote in District: 68%
lifetime rating: 69%
on Club for Growth scorecard
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Steve Palazzo ran on a platform in which he argued that “Real job growth is jobs that are created not through buoyed government spending or pork barrel projects, but instead jobs created through expanding businesses reaping the benefits of free market principles.” Palazzo has voted for spending bills above the Ryan Budget level and other wasteful spending like subsidies for Amtrak. Palazzo also did a 180-degree flip-flop on a disaster relief bill for Hurricane Sandy. After voting against the first batch of un-paid for bailout of the flood insurance program, Palazzo turned around and voted for $50 billion in un-paid for, pork-filled “emergency” spending.


  • Voted to increase the debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion. (RCV #690, 2011)
  • Voted for a budget extension that funded ObamaCare (RCV #579, 2012)
  • Voted to bailout the Highway Trust Fund (RCV #451, 2012)
  • Voted to add billions of pork projects to the Hurricane Sandy relief bill (RCV #22, 2013) and for final passage of bill, which had no spending offset (RCV #23, 2013)
  • Voted against cutting funding for Amtrak by $446.9 million (RCV #79, 2011)
  • Voted to keep wasteful “renewable energy” programs in Obama’s Administration (RCV#58, 2012)
  • Voted against numerous spending cuts that would have reduced the size of government (Link)
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