Why PrimaryMyCongressman.com?

“Moderate” Republicans often join with liberal Democrats to grow government and increase taxes.

For years moderate Republicans have joined with Democrats to pass liberal policies that harm economic growth. They have passed spending bills that add trillions to our debt, without ever addressing the structural reforms that are needed to balance the budget and create an environment for economic growth and job creation.

These Republicans In Name Only (R.I.N.O.’s) often are elected from conservative districts – districts where winning a Republican primary is tantamount to election.

Many of these RINOs represent districts that are heavily Republican where it would be difficult for the right Republican candidate to lose. In fact, the nonpartisan Cook Report, a political handicapper, found that in 2012, 190 Congressional districts were considered “Strongly Republican,” meaning that they were not even competitive in the general election. In 96 Congressional districts, 2012 Republican nominee for President Mitt Romney received more than 60% of the vote. Romney received more than 55% of the vote in 159 districts!

On the flip side, according to the 2012 pro-free market, limited government Club for Growth’s Congressional Scorecard, only 39 members of Congress have lifetime scores of 90% or above on their voting records relating to economic freedom and pro-growth policy.

This means that in districts that are heavily Republican, there are literally dozens of missed opportunities to elect real fiscal conservatives to Congress — not more “moderates” who will compromise with Democrats to just increase spending and grow government a little bit slower than usual.

There’s no reason a heavily Republican district should have a R.I.N.O. representing them in Congress…which means PrimaryMyCongressman.com!

PrimaryMyCongressman.com will aim to inform Republican voters that the Members of Congress highlighted here are not voting for to limit government or expand economic freedom in Washington. This website will provide an avenue for the general public to recommend primary challenges to those members and any other member they choose.

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